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Claims Service

High-Quality Claims Service. You can report a claim:

  • Contact your New Jersey Skylands agent
  • Call our 24-hour claims service center at (877) 365-8693

After receiving a report, our experienced and dedicated staff will make every effort to contact you promptly and investigate your claim thoroughly and in a timely manner.

Our claims service center can assist you with the following:

  • Questions about an existing claim
  • Reporting a suspicious claim
  • Identity theft resolution

It is helpful to consider the following during the adjustment process:

- Take pictures or videos of the damage. If you can't take a photo or video, make a detailed list.

- Take necessary steps to protect your belongings from further damage and save receipts from any temporary repairs you make prior to the inspection of your home.

- If you need to relocate, keep receipts of expenses incurred as a result.

- Keep any items that might help determine what caused damage to your home.